Zwift Hub stuck in ERG mode

My Zwift Hub appears to be stuck in ERG mode. Go up hills or going down hill does not adjust the intensity. This is nice for going up hills. :grinning: I had this happen many months ago and I was able to resolve it by updating the software. At the moment, everything is update including the app on AppleTV, the app on the iPhone and the Zwift Hub has the latest firmware. The wrench is not appearing on the app, so I am unable to do a calibration. Is there a software setting that has been updated in preferences? Is there a method to manually force the hub into reset to factory settings?

Hey Steve, I’m wondering if you found any solution? I feel like I have a similar issue where the gears doesn’t match the resistance and the overall experience of going uphill feels just pretty much the same as the different gradients in the route.


Yes. I found the issue. I had not paired the resistance option on the pairing screen. When I purchased the Zwift hub in 2022, the resistance option was only needed for on-wheel trainers. Sometime in the last few months there was an update to the firmware that requires the resistance option be connected for the Zwift hub to have the resistance working. I did the paring and the resistance is back. Having done several rides with hills in Tour of Watopia, I am thinking of dropping the resistance option and going back to ERG mode for all my rides. :grin:

Found a similar thing on my Jetblack volt 2, although connected as controllable resistance.
What seems to have fixed it for me was just messing around with the trainer difficulty setting. Simply changing it on my way seems to have brought resistance back