Calibrate zwift

I am having problem with calibrateing my trainer Tax Flux S with Zwift ? its really hard to reach 37kmph and to hold it enough for the system to register it. I had no problem with calibration with tax flux app. if it calibratet with tax flux app those that work for zwift also or what can i do ?

Don’t calibrate it with Zwift, just use the Tacx app. The calibration data is stored on your trainer anyway.

i tried that too but it looks it doesnt work on zwift

I’m not sure what you mean.

Have you done a successful calibration with the Tacx app? If so and you’ve got problems with Zwift them you’ll need to post up a lot more detail.

Yes i did that and tryed one ride on zwift after i calibreted it with tacx, and when the number for watt went up i didnt feel that the workout is getting harder on pedals

Have you paired the Controllable device for tour trainer, as well as the Power device?

Please post up full details of your setup, including what device you’re running Zwift on, how you’re connecting your trainer, and so on.

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i think you helped me, it looks like its working now there is resistens in pedals , thank you i will see it tomorrow whn i have a workout

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