Calibrate Spindown

After three weeks I decided to do a quick calibration of my Tacx flux 2 smart on Tacx app. It worked well.

I tried few times to do the same on Zwift app. Unfortunately, I received “Calibration time has expired ! Failed”.
What can I do to solve this problem quickly ?

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I don’t think the Zwift spin down is working currently, there was a few discussions about it a few weeks ago. Your spin down on the Tacx app should be fine.

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As @Paul_Bonham said, use the Tacx app it does the Same thing, calibration get saved on the trainer.

Hello @Gerrie_Delport / @Paul_Bonham - do you mean calibration on the Taxc app or the Tacx Utility App?

I believe they both have a calibration option.


@Paul_Allen, they both have the option, so calibration/spin down works the same with both?


Yes both of them should give you the same result.


Likewise finally tried the Calibrate Spindown feature. Spun between 37 and 39 kph for 18 minutes—which I confess is an effort for me—and nothing was happening. Finally had to give up. More info would help. Must I maintain exactly 37 kph the whole time? How will I know if anything is registering? How long is it supposed to take? What will the result be if it does actually move beyond step 3?

Jaime, the Zwift spindown isn’t working at the moment. Use your manufacturers app to calibrate your trainer.

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Thanks. I figured that might be the case and have used the manufacturer’s app instead.


Any updates on this topic? Has Zwift managed to make the calibration process work again ?


i’m using Garmin V3 pedals for power readings, with my Kinetic R&R control, is there any need to do a spin down test?
( does this effect the workout power requests sent to the trainer resistance from zwift or are those requests just “up or down a bit” L

What’s meant to happen is you hit 37 km/h and it immediately tells you to stop pedalling.

No. Use your power meters zero offset function (basically what the spindown does on a trainer).

Assuming you warmed up for 5-10 minutes? What you say suggests the spindown didn’t work correctly. Use the wahoo app to calibrate instead.

Hello I have exactly the same problem have been trying the las 2 weeks and always got stock in step 3,

tomorrow I will try with the tacx app and let you know

Any update on this? It seems to have been a problem a few months ago.

I am using a Wahoo Kickr Snap. I actually managed to use the Zwift Spindown Calibration once successfully - I think it was with the Snap connected directly to the Apple TV.

Now I use the companion app because I have three bluetooth devices - all are connected to the companion app and then the companion app connects to the Apple TV Zwift app.

The issue now is that the calibration never finishes - the on screen speed display stops at a variable low speed (last time it was 4km/hr) and the calibration never completes as a result. This is despite the wheel being completely stationary.

I am using the Wahoo app, but it is a bit of a pain to have to swap apps, deal with bluetooth disconnection and reconnection twice etc…