Spin down fails with Tacx Flux 2 and Erg mode when training does not work properly

My brand new Tacx Flux 2 trainer is updated to the latest firmware and successfully calibrated using the Tacx app but Zwift spin down calibration will constantly fail.
I am not sure if this is related but I also have the feeling that the “inertia” of the trainer when riding on Zwift is not realistic. When I stop pedaling the speed decreases at a much faster rate than it would in the reality, or at least that is what I feel.

Also, the Erg Mode does not work properly when training with intervals. It is very slow to kick in when moving from low to high power intervals and vice versa.
Sometimes I have to stop pedaling completely to make it adapt to the new required power range or else I have to shift gear which obviously defeats its very purpose…

Any ideas?

This seems like a technical issue that will require more investigating. If you could please submit a support ticket to us, we’ll be glad to look into this.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I did thanks. Now escalating to Level 3…
Wish me luck!


:pray: Hoping it turned out well. If you need additional help, please let us know.

Ride On!

I have the same problem

After a few exchanges with Zwift Customer Care there was no solution other than doing the calibration of the trainer using its own app, not via zwift.
Also, no solution for the ERG mode which I gave up using.

I have canceled Zwift subscription until a bug fix will be released for ERG issue.

I have the exact same problem. Cancelling my subscription

Same here with Tacx Flux S. I canceled my subscription.

I have the same problem , trainer just spins out in zwift when I try to do 1000 watt intervals! It’s not the trainer just got a new one sent to me !

Did you try the trainer app?

Yep seems to work fine in the tacx app

Then keep using the tacx app, there is no need to calibrate in Zwift if you do it with the app.

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Same issues for me! Mainly the problems with erg mode make it in-usable is there any update or fix I place yet?