Trainer Difficulty and ERG mode

Hello, I am having issues with the resistance of my trainer. I am doing ERG rides synced with Training Peaks and have to spend all my workouts in my small front chain ring because the trainer won’t lower my power enough. It is my understanding that you shouldn’t have to shift in ERG mode. I have even adjusted the Trainer Difficulty in the Settings but that hasn’t fixed the problem.

I have a Tacx Flux S trainer. Thanks

I also have that problem. I will tray “Calibrate Your Smart Trainer” you have video on zwift how to do that

Hi are you sure you have your FTP settings as this may be why you may be having issues with power. I have a Tacx flux also and have to re- calibrate every month and ensure that the Tacx app is deleted before is train on zwift so you are not pairing both apps at the same time