Calibration says spin down when at 20mph

Basically what the title says. Calibration says ride to 23 mph then let spindown, but during actual test, the software always says ‘stop pedalling’ when I reach 20mph.

I use Tacx Vortex with no issues for years. I always Calibrate tire/drum pressure by placing slider bar with Tacx App centrally on the color slider, then use either Trainerroad or Zwift. Trainerroad calibrates no issues each time, Zwift always says to stop pedalling when I have reached 20mph. Is there a problem?

Hi @Tony_Cammish

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Best is to always use the Trainer app

Hi Gerrie, can you explain?

Calibration of the trainer using the old Utility app and the now-supported Training app have no issues (s/w is upto date). Then moving over to Trainerroad calibration seems OK. Then from Zwift, go into calibration and instruction says ride to 23mph then coast. I start that process but when I come up to 20mph the circle turns green and Zwift tells me to stop pedalling (the progress bar around the circle perimeter goes green but progress is sitting at about the 4pm position. ie not all way round.

Any assistance is appreciated

Do not use Zwift to calibrate, use the app that came with your trainer.


The calibration data is stored on your trainer. There’s no need to re-calibrate just because you’re switching training software, if you recently did a calibration.


OK so that makes sense. No need to run a calibration for each app. Just use Tacx Training for everything. Thanks!