I can't reach the speed to calibrate

I’ve tried a couple of times. Zwift wants me to reach 37km/h. I read some solutions but don’t understand them. I followed the instructions which say log into Zwift which I do with my laptop and click on the wrench. It tells me to spin up to 37 but I can’t get past 32. I even tried in my little gear. I don’t understand one answer that said log into your trainer. I don’t have my trainer icon on my desktop because I never use it.

So am I calibrating alone with my Tacx trainer? Or is it run through Zwift? I hope somebody can explain this. And I didn’t know you should calibrate every few days. I haven’t calibrated in months but things seemed fine.

If you’re having an issue with the power levels you see on Zwift, then you need to calibrate. Not to put too fine a point on it but, if you can’t reach 37kph to get the spindown to work, you probably aren’t going to need to worry about calibration. The need for precise calibration is usually important in racing. If you’re not having trouble, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Or you could have someone else spin the thing up for you. It’s the trainer that’s getting calibrated, not the rider… :grin:

So what you’re saying is that calibration is really for people who are racing and need to ensure that they’re at peak competitive condition. That is not me; you’re right

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Try using your trainer manufacturer’s app to do the calibration rather than through Zwift.

Correct. I could not get 37 KPH
On Zwift. It was like riding up a cliff. I tried calibrating on my Wahoo app and it was easy. I can ride at 37 KPH any time-it should have been easy. For reasons unknown, it. Was a Zwift problem.

So perhaps I’m not as feeble a ride as Mark suggested :sweat_smile: I’ll calibrate with the trainer…

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I’m very glad to hear that. I do personally know riders on Zwift that cannot get their trainers up to 35kph for a spindown. I’ve had the honor to step in for them…

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