Calibration not available

Hi all

I have a Tacx Flux (1st generation). I use Zwift occassionally but never consistently as I always have the feeling that it is far from accurate. This feeling results in me never feeling to ride more regularly. It always leaves me in a way that I rock at cycling due to the lack of accuracy.

I have an old MTB on my turbo trainer and without any effort, I ride 35+ km/h… i am not a trained cyclist whatsoever and definitely not get this speed on my road bike without much effort. Doing this on my MTB without dropping a tear of sweat makes me wonder how accurate my setup is.

I read there is an option to calibrate in Zwift under the wrench tool but it is not available on my app… anyone knows how I can calibrate the trainer in another way? I don’t even know how Zwift calibrates with my trainer now as I have never done a calibration…

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Philip_Pensaert, welcome to the forums.

You should use the Tacx app to calibrate the trainer not Zwift. Maybe it is a Garmin app now that they bought Tacx?

Sounds like you don’t have it setup correctly if you are going that fast with little effort. This is a direct drive smart trainer correct? Like this picture?

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Thanks a lot for your reply.

It is indeed a direct drive model. I did the calibration on my Tacx app multiple times already but it doesn’t seem to affect the settings in Zwift? It does affect my training on the Tacx app though…

Strange, most people who use a MTB on a direct drive trainer usually find themselves going too slow due to smaller gear ratios.

What devices do you use to run the game, and how do you connect the trainer (bluetooth or ant+)?

I use an ipad so connected through bluetooth. Occasionally, the signal drops for a second but it gets back afterwards. Not ideal but I am not planning to do any races. However, I do would like it to be as realistic as possible whereas now on the flat circuits I do crazy speed with little to no pedaling. Uphill, however, it does seem to do a pretty good job (although I don’t have to shift to my lowest gear in the front axle)

Are you connecting the trainer as power source and controllable in the pairing screen?

Do you have your weight and height set correctly in the zwift app?

Just checked: weight and height is correct
Trainer is connected as power source. I assume it is controlable since it does change with the trajectory of the route. When doing Alpe de Zwift, i really feel the incline but it is not realistic. On the flat there is 0 resistance. Uphill it goes mad as of 10%