Tacx Flux S Calibration

I am unable to calibrate my Tacx Flux S with Zwift. I Pedal but the speed remains at Zero. Anyone else has this problem?

I have no problems with calibration in the Tacx App.

No I have same trainer and never had issue as long as you have not got the TACX app running concurrently with zwift app as the bluetooth is sometimes conflicted

Don’t use Zwift for calibration, always use the trainer’s app. This is what Zwift themselves recommend.

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I got the zwift running by itself.

The calibration in the Tacx app is for the Tacx trainer.
The calibration in Swift app, is for use with the zwift app.
The tacx calibration is not sync with the rides in swift it is calibrated for rides in the Tacx app.
The swift calibration is sync with the swift rides.
To use the zwift app correctly, you have to calibrate in the zwift app, not the Tacx app.

Sorry, that’s not correct.

Your trainer’s calibration is stored in the trainer itself. So when you calibrate it with the Tacx app, that gets stored in the trainer and so that calibration is used when Zwift tells the trainer to set a certain resistance.

Manufacturer apps are a lot better at calibrating trainers accurately than Zwift itself is at that.

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Interesting, I wonder what is the benefit of the swift not calibrating. It should not be an option if you are using a smart trainer.
I have calibrated with the tacx app, and it works for riding in the tacx app, but it’s all over the place when I use the swift rides. The calibration does not seems to recognize that it’s riding in zwift, but works fine in tacx.