Can not Calibrate Tacx Flux 2 on swift

HI…can anybody give me a hand??
I have been using swift for a few weeks without any problem with my tacx flux 2, but since yesterday it doesnt work…it feels very soft…so i try to calibrate.

When i try to calibrate, it says go until 37 Km/hr and then stop pedaling, but when i get 37, the message switch to keep pedaling and maintain speed (i do that for 5 minutes with no effect)…then i go to another tacx utilities to download last version of the software, and then go to tacx app to calibrate and it works very well…so i comeback to swift, and i get the same problem to calibrate, but now when i go to watopia my avatar does not move!! 0 watts when i am pedaling…i am so frustrated

Any help pleaseeeee…thanks :wink:

Why calibrate your Flux2 on Zwift?

Other things to check:

  • Which FW version is you Flux2?
  • Are you using the Flux2’s built-in cadence sensor? What does it read?
  • ANT+ or BLE?

I realize this does not help you much, but I (currently) see no such using my Flux2. Generalizing based on 2 data points, I wonder if there is something special with your setting…

Same problem. Solution anyone?

Use the Tacx Utility App for your smart phone. Zwift calibration has always been buggy and it is recommended to use the trainers application for calibration.