Inconsistent resistance on hills

Experiencing some inconsistency with Zwift and the resistance on my Garmin TacX (flux 2), on some rides the resistance works on hills and others there is no resistance.

Has anyone had similar issues? Any direction on fixing ?

Is it always paired as controllable and power?

What device are you using for Zwift. How do you pair.

That is what I do, yes.

I pair with an apple MacBook pro & broadcast to a TV.

Hi @Wayne_Farmer welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m seeing two sessions for you today - the earlier one in New York / Astoria Line 8 was the one that was inconsistent, I gather?

How was the second ride on Temple and Towers?

We were in the midst of fiddling with tweaks on the server end after your first ride. Would you try another ride with some hills and let us know if it’s better?

Will try tonight, thank you

Same problem, no resistance on hills. In addition, the trainer would not calibrate.

Please advise on steps to take, thank you !

Long shot but what is your trainer difficulty currently set to (a couple of people have noted that Zwift changed the TD since last update)?

You should calibrate with the Tacx app as a preference.

I have experimented with difficulty, this was not the issue. Still having strange inconsistency on rides/meet ups/events on hill resistance.

Are you saying that you calibrate on the Tacx app instead of Zwift or in addition to Zwift? I am having a problem lately where the calibration fails because it times out.

All this being said, I am still really enjoying my Zwift experience, just would like to fully enjoy it in fixing this.

Just use the Tacx app it will do the same as Zwift calibration. Zwift prefer that you use the manufacturer app.