Wrong routing on Scotland's Rolling Highlands


Free ride having selected route. Counted down but routing was wrong - it sent me in a clockwise loop around the outside perimeter road. Feel free to inspect the activity file and log entry: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Zwift Insider route, for comparison: “Rolling Highlands” Route Details (Scotland) | Zwift Insider

EDIT - now I’m really confused. ZwiftMap.com and Zwift Insider do not match: ZwiftMap

EDIT 2 - ZwiftMap may be showing the lead-in and ZI not.

All the usual…

ATV4k(2022) running latest tvOS, and Zwift app versions. Zwift always terminated post-ride.

Counting down from over 4km seems pretty weird

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Indeed. Just updated with my log. I was sent around the perimeter road, clockwise (the wrong way), with no turning off where it should have.

Tested Zwift on the iPad and my rider started just west of the pens, facing west. Look at the map in the upper right of this screenshot:

Lead-in missing? (I should be way over on the east side of the map, no?)

No, what you have in this picture seems correct. Rolling Highlands starts you at the Cliffs pen and goes up Breakaway Brae forward before starting a figure-8- down Brae, left across cutoff, right to the train, up the Cliffs, back down the Postcard, across the cutoff in the same direction, and finish up the Brae forward.

OK, that fits with what the ZwiftInsider page says. ZwiftMap must be wrong then. So, the iPad is at the correct starting point and orientation but my ATV ride went the wrong direction right from the start.