Makuri routes start me in the wrong direction

Has anyone else experienced this bizarre behaviour? Both the Countryside Tour and Two Villages Loop keep starting with me pointed in the wrong direction.

Both routes start at the same location, and to complete them, you must ride the route clockwise. However, Zwift keeps starting me going counter-clockwise.

My first time riding the Countryside Tour, I didn’t think to check the direction in advance, and after doing one and a half loops, I figured out something was wrong when I never received a route badge. I checked each ride after that, and every time I started these routes going counter-clockwise. I finished one by just turning around at the beginning, but this is really strange. Has it happened to anyone else?

(Running latest Zwift client on Android 11)

i just completed the chain chopper counter clockwise
(and got badge ), zwiftinsider gave leaderboards etc in wrong order, but by end of my ride they had been “corrected” into the counter direction !

PS all the in game leaderboards are showing 0% 0Km for the KOM and sprint

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Same here. I did two loops of “Countryside Tour” before I ran out of time and was wondering why I did not get the badge. 2 Days later I tried again and it worked fine. Checking the route in the companion app I realized the first time was counter clockwise. I am absolutely sure that I did not touch any redirecting arrows while riding.