Distance to end of route going up

It happened to me week ago on Royal Pump Room 8. I crossed the finish the distance hit 0 then started going up and I didn’t get the route completion message.

The same thing happened last night to my gf on NYC Rising Empire.

I’m on a '18 Kicker connected via BT dongle to a Windows 10 desktop. She’s using a '21 Core with a MacBook. Latest app version for both of us.

Neither of us are having connection issues.

Did you check your badges to see if those were awarded without showing onscreen?

Neither of us got the badges or xp bonuses.

Your last Yorkshire ride was on 6 Dec and it looks like you followed the UCI World Harrogate circuit, not the Royal Pump Room. You took off in the wrong direction for it to be Royal Pump Room.

I checked your girlfriends rides in past 24hrs and neither ride in NY was the Rising Empire route. The one ride you did together was the Knickerbocker Reverse (you got the badge, she didn’t), and then she did the reverse of the Park Perimeter Loop (which isn’t a route). The Knickerbocker Reverse route starts facing the opposite way to Rising Empire, so either you are mis-selecting the routes, or, I am guessing you again made the correct route selection but ran into a bug a few others have recently:

I’d suggest that when embarking on badge hunting routes, check Zwiftinsider to make sure you start facing the right way. If you arent, restart the map.

We both selected routes via the zwift UI and did not turn. At the end of the route the distance to complete counted down to zero then started counting up again. Not sure how either of us can select a route if it isn’t in the Zwift UI.

That’s the bug (the thread I referenced has same issue of people riding a non-existent routes without u-turns) hence the suggestion to restart the map if you are facing the wrong way.

Had the same exact issue on Royal Pump 8 as well today, it put me in the wrong direction apparently even though the UI showed me progressing on the route I selected. Come on Zwift, you had one job. :roll_eyes:

Also, it’s not reasonable to expect people to know the route well enough to know they’re facing the wrong way. H*ll, even in my real life routes I’m barely that good with directions without my GPS. :joy: