Missing badge - Rising Empire

I rode the Rising Empire route this morning but alas no route badge was awarded. I made sure I went past the finish by an extra couple of km and I didn’t deviate from the route. Any ideas on how to restore the badge without having to do the route again (not a fan of the New York world)?

Hi @Jason_M1, welcome to the forums.

Your account is set to private so I can’t see your activity in the companion app. Does it match this?

Zwift support might be able to award you the badge, but historically they have not been able to do this so you may have to ride it again.

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Thanks Mike, just checked my account and as far as I can see it looks public. Yes the route looks the same - guess I will have to ride it again!

Your account is definitely set to ‘Private’, so we can’t check your activity to see if there are any issues.

Have u chosen the route? It won’t count unless you select it on the Home screen + sometimes something just glitches no app is perfect + u’re lucky it’s only 7 km some people do the Uber Pretzel and it doesn’t count for them (:upside_down_face: