No Badges? (Empire Rising & Lotta Lava)

I’ve ridden both Routes in the last 2 days and have gone a mile or so passed the supposed stopping point but have not receive the Route Badge.

Ride uploaded to Zwift and Strava normally.

Thoughts Zwift?

Thanks for the help.


When I look at your activities, it doesn’t look like you rode all the way to the finish banner on Whole Lotta Lava, and the route doesn’t look correct for Rising Empire (did you pick it from the menu and not make any manual turns?).

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I rode whole lotta lava earlier today and got the badge, just under 10 miles.

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I rode Whole Lotta Lava just the other day.
Got the badge totally normal as expected.

The route starts and ends at the Vulcano banner inside the mountain.

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Thanks Nigel, I may not have and just thought I did. I also tend to use drone mode for snapping pics for my kids, so that may have altered the route (Empire) without me realizing it. I’ll just do them both over again and see.