No Badges? (Empire Rising & Lotta Lava)

I’ve ridden both Routes in the last 2 days and have gone a mile or so passed the supposed stopping point but have not receive the Route Badge.

Ride uploaded to Zwift and Strava normally.

Thoughts Zwift?

Thanks for the help.


When I look at your activities, it doesn’t look like you rode all the way to the finish banner on Whole Lotta Lava, and the route doesn’t look correct for Rising Empire (did you pick it from the menu and not make any manual turns?).

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I rode whole lotta lava earlier today and got the badge, just under 10 miles.

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I rode Whole Lotta Lava just the other day.
Got the badge totally normal as expected.

The route starts and ends at the Vulcano banner inside the mountain.

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Thanks Nigel, I may not have and just thought I did. I also tend to use drone mode for snapping pics for my kids, so that may have altered the route (Empire) without me realizing it. I’ll just do them both over again and see.


I dunno… I do see this from time to time too. I just did Rising Empire/New York. It’s listed as 12.9 miles long. I didn’t take any of the optional turns. When I hit 13.5 miles I called it a day. No sign of a finish line.No sign of a ride up (??? – stretch before you reach the start line). Mysteriously, it also came up about a hundred feet short of the listed elevation. I am baffled!

Lead in

Rising empire doesnt appear to have one, but I think it starts and finishes at the KOM banner at the top of the sky roads. You have to climb the KOM first and it starts at the top, then ride around until you.climb it a second time and finish at the top. I got this badge on March 25th, so I know it works.

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A) I think you are probably correct, and i am grateful for your speedy reply.

B) That’s nuts! Did KOM, circled around, when the official 12.9 miles was up i was back on the sky bridge, when I reached 13.5 i was STILL on the sky bridge (but on an untimed portion – not KOM).

Easy for me to whine – I know nothing about software – but i can’t help but think, “How hard could it be to have the official distance number match the finish line!”

Hey, if my much-faster riding buddy said, “Want to go out and do 15 miles?” I’d say Sure. If we got out there, with me gasping to keep up, and he said, “Oh yeah… it’s not really 15 mile – it’s 18.4,” I’d faint!

Thanks for your excellent advice and good humor.


cause the distance matches the lap :wink:
if you’d do 5 laps of this, you get 5 x 12.9mi plus the lead-in.
The software can’t know if you’re doing only one lap or more.

Right you are! Except that I don’t THINK that this particular ride has a large lead in.

Someone explained to me that on a route like Lutscher (“The Lollipop”) there is indeed a long stretch before you get to a roughly circular lap – got it. You ride to the “circuit” do the laps and then exit along that same stretch you used to enter.

But on this particular ride there is no lead in, at least not that I can spot. Do I have this all wrong?

Everyone is different, but I pick my routes depending in part on how much mileage or climbing I want to do that day. (If I wanted a ride that is 20% longer I would PICK a ride that is 20% longer!)

If I have this all backwards feel free to kick me!

(Many thanks for your advice here).


You aren’t wrong. I thought this one used the KOM banner as the start/finish, but Zwiftinsider says different.

Here is the strava segment:

Great info Mike – thanks!

So the route is listed as 20.7 km My distance was 21.1km the difference is where I got spawned before the start line.

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