No Badge update after finished ride


I have finished the Royal Pump 8 Room ride but didn’t get any badge update on that ride. Has anyone have the same experience or have I missed somerhing maybe?



Similar complaints have been brought up a numerous times here.

It seems the issue is not that much of Zwift’s, but possibly a user issue (sorry…): Are you sure you completed the route? Sometimes the spawning point is not the start of the route. Also, any course change mid-ride (turning), will nullify the achievement badge. Have you seen the badge banner at the end of that ride?

Can you upload a screen capture of the route?

Looks like you got the badge to me.

Force close the app and look again.

Thanks Ben yes I have seen the ride Completed in the end, that’s why I’m confused.
When I look in the badgelist it’s not updated

Try turning your device off and on again.

Ok, just to clearify about the achievment list it looks like this.

I have turned the device off, but it’s still the same

My belief is at some point the zwift server will update and your app will show you have the badge. I thought the force quitting of the app or the restart of device would do it.

Ok, thank you for the answer, just have to wait and see then.

@Johan_Halin do you use more than one device for Zwift? I have seen this happen when you have open sessions on other devices like an iPhone or something, once that is force closed it might fix the issue you are having.

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Aha, thanx Mike maybe that’s the problem, Should I log out And in on the Zwift App maybe then on the IPhone?