Route Badges - Pump room 8

Just completed the Pump Room 8 Course on Yorkshire map for the Badge achievement - despite finishing the route and completing another lap - no badge achievement awarded. :frowning:

Also when I attempted to leave Zwift - it would not close and got a not responding blue circle of death.

I have now got an activity in progress in my Fit file now that wont go away. Despite the actual fit file now being completed and showing as completed and uploaded to Strava - all very confusing.

Sending a fault slip to Zwift. :slight_smile:


I got my badge after second lap of this route at one time. It’s bug for sure.

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I did the Pump room 8 today and no badge :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Another confirmation that there is no badge being awarded here!

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You have to start at the finish line as far as I know. If you start 150 meters in you won’t get credit for doing 99% lap.Just my thought since nobody said they started at S/F line.

I also think you have to select it as your route in the start menu, you can’t ride it doing manual turns.

Just completed this route with a large overlap and no route achievement badge :frowning:


@Paul_Ristine Wow you are really hunting these badges. Good job.

No badge today for me either :frowning: Selected route and carried on after for some distance.

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Looks like the only way to get it at this point is to ride the entire thing twice…confirmed badge with another rider who did not post here… I need to go eat a bigger lunch… anyone for round 2 x 2? :crazy_face:

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Looking at the route I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that you don’t cross the start banner. If you look at the route it start at the spawn point and that point is after the start banner.

I have not looked at all the other routes if this is the only one.

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Same for me - no badge.

Same problem with same route today.Rode an extra 4km to make certain,after checking carefully that I had selected correct route before starting.

That’s what I was saying. You must select the route, do a u-turn, cross the line, do a u-turn, then it will start as you cross the line. In theory, Zwift should start the pump 8 course with the rider on the other side of the start/finish line, but it doesn’t for some reason.


Yup, me too. Selected the route, zero turns, rode a total of 46.2km but didn’t get it. Would have continued another 9km or so if I would have known that would do the trick. Oh well - will need to wait until November since no more Yorkshire this month.

Two full laps equals a badge! Done and dusted,


Ive got the badge by riding the lap 2 times… also got 550 XP

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I had the same problem yesterday. I started the route where zwift put me having selected the pump room and having completed 20 miles it was obvious I was going to do another lap to get the badge so I stopped, having completed the other 3 badges for Harrogate just before.

Same for me: done it twice and no badge. I’ve done both times some kms more than the official route length but still no badges (about 32/33km).

I’ve already achieved about 18/20 badge:

  1. surrey hills in london achieved at the second attempt
  2. every other route achieved at the first attempt (sometimes they needed some extra km)
  3. Pump Room 8: 2 times and no badges

P.S. for “twice” i mean in 2 separate session of about 32/33 km each

so u ve ridden about 52km (2 laps of Pump room 8) and earned something like 1040 bonus xp?

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