Knickerbocker Reverse route badge not working

Rode this route at least 3 times now and still no badge awarded.

Yesterday, I rode two full laps with no success (~45km), and confirmed that my spawn point was short of the finish banner (would have only mattered on the first lap). There is no lead in on this route. Below is my effort:

Hi @Andrew_West_UberPret welcome to the forums!

Your activity is set to private, so we can’t see it. There are known issues with some of the routes on New York not placing you on the correct route, seems that most of the time this happens people are placed on the park perimeter route. Also, most of the issues revolve around meetups. Did you do this in a meetup or a free ride? Zwift is aware of the issues and hope to have a fix out in the next update soon.


Thanks. Changed to “public”.

Yes I had the same issue last week. And believe I have even rode this route late last year over the winter… How do you enable the badge and associated XP? Other routes seem to work fine…

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