Knickerbocker Route Badge - NOT WORKING

Hi all,

I found another bug with the Routes on Zwift. I did post a topic regarding the Astoria Line 8 route not awarding a badge earlier this week.

The Knickerbocker Route is not awarding a badge. I did the route twice today with no success.

See screen dump below:

As anyone else had this issue?

I did this route a couple of days ago and was awarded the badge on the first go-round. Maybe your spawn point was beyond the starting arch? Though it certainly looks as though you covered enough distance to have gotten the badge, presuming you selected it as your route at before starting.

Well, I’m glad someone achieved the Knickerbocker Badge.

Yeah I covered the route twice. I will again soon. In the mean time I will try the reverse route to see if I can claim the badge for Knickerbocker Reverse.

Had the same thing this morning.

Have to check again tomorrow about the spawn point.

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Just had the same issue with the Highline route (both selected the route at the outset and rode far longer than posted distance to accommodate any lead-in distance, etc.).

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I did it on October 10 and worked fine, also did reverse route on december 29 and worked fine to.
22,6 kms each

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I had the same issue this morning, I completed the route twice and only after the second loop I was granted the badge.

I’m not sure if this related, but during the first loop I was using TT bike and switched to normal bike on the second loop.

Is it possible that you have to complete the route in normal bike for the badge to work?