Bug/error on Knickerbocker

Hi, i encounter a glitch on Knickerbocker route (22.5km), as I passed the Central Park Arch at 23km , it suppose to end Knickerbocker route with badge, but the ride continues to another KOM Arch Reverse, as I cleared at 27.5km, it is still let me earn the badge. Is it a bug or error on this course.

Here the image of my Knickerbocker ride.

That’s not the Knickerbocker route


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Hi Ben,

That’s strange, I chose this Knickerbocker route as below

And I completed the route (see pic below) not the same as I didn’t pass through the top part of the original Knickerbocker route. How could it be missed

Did you do it as a meetup?

Did you do a manual turn (maybe accidentaly)?

Ya, I think my ride was chosen to ride with someone or I accidentally touch a zwifter to ride with.