Won't login to account on Apple TV after latest update

I regret tearing everything down and going all in on Apple TV. Now I’m trying to work on a plan B if this kind of thing is going to continue happening… in the meantime, we sit.

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I am having the same issue. and it is 10h later than your post. I hope they can fix it !

Time for Plan B - FulGaz


I’m having the login issue as well. I was forced to use my iPhone mirror to my AppleTV.

Same here

Same Here!!!

Same issue. Add me to your list of riders who are locked out!


Same issue as everyone else. It would be great if current issues could be posted at the login screen. It would save an hour of frustration and multiple login password changes…

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Look at this post from Jon Mayfied:


Looks to be still down. Any updates? Up at 4.45am to race and missed out. :cry:

Ya, look at the post above yours.

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Confirmed the new Build is working. Frustrating for those that missed rides, but kudos for the swift fix.

Same here… Super lame.

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Check to see if the fix is available to you in the ATV Store, it is for many and has resolved the issue.

Still locked out here. Please clarify: Should the fix have taken about an hour to propagate, i.e. should I not be locked out? Also, would a reinstall help BUT if I do so would I lose all my data as was promised when I started reinstalling a few minutes ago. Thanks. I really need to get on my bike on this cold, windy day.

There should be an update to the Zwift app in the Apple TV Store, it has resolved the issues for others.

Just an FYI, if you do a uninstall reinstall you will not lose any data.

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Still getting the error message.

Have you updated to the new release that should be in the ATV Store?

I have auto updates enabled and am still locked out, FYI. Nervous about a reinstall when I get warned that I will lose my months of efforts. Plus, in theory shouldn’t I already have the latest version given auto update?

You might need to go to the ATV Store an manually get the update.

The only data you would possible lose would be your best wattage efforts. You would not lose Drops, XP, or equipment, all of this is stored on the Zwift servers.