Windows 10 to recognize my ANT+ stick

So for the last 3 weeks, I have not been able to get my “windows 10” to recognize my ANT+ stick. Device not found! I have now 3 different sticks, all come up with the same. I’ve been in touch with techs from their company supports, including microsoft support, but NO one has been able to solve my issue. So just what is the issue. I have installed, uninstalled both drivers and devices so many times that my computer is starting to dislike me! So, is there a fix or not? currently for the last month, I have not been able to use Zwift once because of windows10 problems, or similar whatever the problem is, and I’ve paid for Zwift, so that’s another $~~20 bucks gone, as well as all I spent on tech support etc! ouch, I’m broke!

Have you gone through this ANT+ troubleshooting guide:


Added a new post here: ANT+ troubleshooting info.

Hey, when I click on the “Solution here” link, I am directed to a page that does not exist??

Could you look into this please, Thanks

Have a read here

Interesting, I guess using forum posts as a substitute for actual documentation doesn’t work very well :grimacing:

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ do you know what happened to that post? It was one of the most useful ones on the forum.

Looks like the post was deleted. With credit to Dave of ZPCMR who doesn’t appear active on the forum anymore, here are the basics. (I’ve also copied this to the Resource Wiki)

If your Windows PC is having ANT+ issues, there appear to be two options for installing the driver.

First - Semi-automatic

  • open “Windows Update” and click “Check for updates”.
  • “View optional updates” and find “Dynastream Innovations, Inc. - Bus Controllers and Ports, Other hardware - ANT USB-m”, then install it.

Second - manual

Fun facts about ANT+: it’s older and has overlapping frequencies with things like microwave ovens so it’s prone to interference. However, it’s also fault-tolerant: unlike Bluetooth that requires “pairing”, ANT+ “transmits in the blind” - it simply spits out data for anything listening. Advantages are it can be received by multiple devices at once (example: HR can be sent by ANT+ to a bike computer, sport watch, and Zwift device on the same ANT+ channel) and it tends to reconnect after a disconnect. BLE, because of the “pairing” requirement, can only connect to a single device per channel and when a connection is dropped may stay dropped until manually re-connected. ANT+ has relatively long range and uses very little power, making it ideal for sensors using small coin cell batteries. ANT+ was created by a small Canadian company called Dynastream Innovations (hence the driver signature) which was bought by tech giant Garmin.

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I notice that Dave’s forum profile is now Private. I wonder, as he created the post, whether the change of profile has made the thread unavailable ?

Hi David,

Install the Garmin Express application the driver was installed in and your ANT+ device will be recognized.

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I was in “chat” with a microsoft tech yesterday and he took control of my computer, determined there was a “bug” of somekind in Windows 10, so he initiated a reinstallation of Windows 10 along with correct drivers. This has appeared to correct my issue with my not getting bluetooth ANT. However, for some reason, on my task bar, I still have a bluetooth icon that has a red line through it, and no other bluetooth icons showing. despite this, I am able to pair up with Zwift, Finally! Now to install my new shifter cables, adjust, and I will be mostly ready to ride till my heart is content!
Thanks to all who have tried, posted, to help me and others.