ANT+ dongle not always detected. Windows 10

Since the most recent update, zwift doesn’t always detect that my ANT+ dongle is connected. As in, it has the yellow warning sign my the ANT + icon.

I have tried each usb drive, with and without the USB extension. My drivers are up to date. Twice, once successfully connected via ANT+, I tried to start I ride for ANT+ to drop out again and then Zwift won’t detect the dongle again. Once I restart Zwift, (sometimes twice), it works and I tend not to have problems.

Hi @Josie_Park_ICC

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I assume you use a windows Pc. Make sure you don’t have the garmin app installed or any other program that may use your ANT+ dongle.

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I don’t have any Garmin Express installed. I also tried on my other windows 10 laptop, and same problem happened. I had to restart Zwift before my dongle was detected.

It can be that your dongle is on the end of its life.

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Thanks. I’ve already ordered a new one so hoping this resolves the issue. It’s just odd that it only started happening after the Zwift update. Literally first ride after it updated, Ant+ dropped out just before starting a meetup. First time it’s ever happened,
so it seems a bit of a coincidence if it’s the dongle that decided to stop working at that point!

Hi @Josie_Park_ICC, did you get a new dongle and did it work straight away? Windows 10 has just updated for me and straight away my Ant+ dongle is no longer being picked up! I find it hard to believe it is coincidental!