Watopia Expansion [October 2023]

Well done, Zwift, this update is gorgeous! I loved the rolling terrain, and the East Coast vibe at one point actually had me feeling a little homesick :smiling_face_with_tear: Did I spot some Canary Islands influence as well? In any case, bravo!

I did spot a weird “feature” at some point: a red bar on the road that moved ahead of my avatar. I first spotted it in Titan’s Grove, but it became really obvious when playing with camera angles later on. There was a second bar an equal distance behind me. I’m guessing it’s not supposed to be there…

What are you running Zwift on? :scream:


@gloscherrybomb @Bath_Salts a 2015 MacBook Pro, if you need to know. The graphics usually render a lot better; no idea why that particular shot looks so terrible.

Now, do you have something useful to contribute to the conversation, or are you just here to mock people who don’t have brand-new gaming PCs?


I noticed something similar very briefly at one point; not a red line but some kind of lightness/texture moving just ahead of me. I also noticed scenery being drawn in the distance which I’ve never noticed before on Zwift but have noticed in certain situations in GTA5 on the same machine. The graphics have definitely taken a step forward and maybe that’s why some of us are hitting these issues.


It’s a pretty important question. If you are running it on a potato, it’s not surprising if you see some graphics oddities - for example that weird floating tree.

I’m aware of that. Just pointing out that the screaming emojis and other people dogpiling on top of your comment is unnecessary and doesn’t create a very welcoming environment. You could simply ask what device / OS I’m using and leave your judgement at the door,


Might be related to this?


Wait till they hear that I’ve never once measured or concerned myself with my Zwift framerate, that I run Zwift on my day to day laptop, and that I still enjoy myself just fine.


There’s a significant number of users who run Zwift on reconditioned PCs with as old as 4th gen intel processors and secondhand graphics cards. Mine cost less than £200 to put together. You don’t need a high end gaming PC to get some of the highest graphics.

Probably because it is very long distance and zoomed out with a quirk of level of detail radius not showing finer details. Sometimes that can happen - or the game takes a few moments to load all of the scenery.

I run Zwift on an old Intel Mac Pro 5,1 from 2010 (second hand) with a single Xeon X5690 CPU and a RX6600 XT GPU, hardly the latest machine but it handles this new update okay.

Not sure where this fits in,

I did the going coastal route earlier and racked up 40xp for each km and then got credit for finishing stage 5 of the tour :rofl:

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@Mantis_Toboggan IIRC it started today for free ride, so yes, you would. You can now ride the group ride come next week and get an additional 40xp

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I thought only the stage routes attracted the double xp and credit in free ride though, while going coastal is a main part of the new roads it’s not one of the stage routes.

Yes, I just did it and noticed from another post it wasn’t a route, I got it mixed up. So I am just going with it.

It’s fun comparing this to my previous proposal, from May 2020, updated December 2020 (when I added the inland hills north of L’Alpe)

The key differences:

  1. Note the islands to hop from the desert to the expansion road aren’t in the map. So instead I connected the more obvious way, from the bottom of the Epic KOM descent, which is still at a bit of altitude, but also at the end of the long bridge on Epic KOM, which is also at altitude. At that time there was no cut-off, but I had also proposed a cut-off as part of the coastal road.
  2. My proposal was for it to connect to L’Alpe de Zwift instead of the jungle road. This would have provided a paved route to L’Alpe.
  3. My proposal completed the loop around the island, with a second loop around L’Alpe de Zwift, with additional inland climb loops, and a climb up the backside of L’Alpe
  4. I didn’t extend the road onto the beach, but stayed inland of the beach.

Just noticed that Evo CC are hosting a race on one of the new routes (Going Coastal) in just over an hour at 1745 BST.

Again tomorrow morning at 1145 GMT.


If you ride the new routes along the south, do you get double XP yet on any of them, or do you have to wait until Stage 5 of the Tour of Watopia to open up?

Yes if you ride the 4 new ones which make up the TOW rides.

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Rode Big Ring today, decent, wish it didn’t go through the jungle but still nice. Props to the Zwift team for sneakily dropping in a major graphics update without mentioning anything ahead of time. Bit of a performance hit mostly around larger groups but not awful. Some optimization I think will go a long way.


I rode “The Big Ring” in Watopia yesterday and thought I noticed graphics upgrades. Even on an AppleTV (latest, 2022 model) it seemed like things had been polished a bit. Also of note: zero glitches on that ride for me - none of the black squares other reported, no crashes.

Specifically, it looked like there was more foliage along the pre-existing sections of road in the desert - new cactus at the turn-around point, new trees/bushes along the road. I was also noticing bicycles parked at stands alongside the road in many spots - I don’t remember those in past though I’m not sure if it’s just because this route took me to places I don’t normally ride.

Any more details on what’s changed, graphically?

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