Watopia Expansion [October 2023]

this, can we make the jungle fast again, it’s terrible as it is now, or give it that surface it had for the tour of watopia event a while back


The jungle is perfect as it is. The previous ToW had the same surface, just a better bike choice. 99% of riders are on the wrong bike in the jungle. Stop resisting!


No, it most definitely is not perfect. While the scenery is great, the decrease in speed caused by the road surface is incredibly disheartening. Just how few riders us the jungle proves this. The amount of people on the wrong bike riding around the jungle is proof that a lot of people either don’t want to go through the faff of changing bikes, or just don’t understand the different bikes and surfaces in the game.

Yes, watts my be watts no matter where I ride. But the gamification of Zwift means I can do the same watts on the tarmac roads, cover more miles, and earn more XP. Also, although many will deny, most people do get a bit competitive over training. So an hours ride which covers 20 miles looks a lot better on Strava than an hours ride that covers 15 miles.


It would make as much sense to complain about how fast I go on Tempus Fugit compared to how slow I go in the Jungle. The speed on tarmac is absurd and bogus. I enjoy earning XP and new levels, and nevertheless I ride the jungle in free rides. I encounter far more riders in the jungle than I do on the major climbs, especially in Innsbruck or France. Should climbs be easier to encourage more people?


The speed on gravel is definitely unrealistic as well (unless it’s supposed to be very loose). The Crr changes are a move in the right direction, but if they have already taken effect, it’s certainly not enough…


I can’t see the new routes in Companion yet, in the Explore section. Is this being held back until the 1.51 rollout is complete?


Thank you ZHQ for this nice Watopia expansion! I’m excited to ride the new routes and explore how Watopia looks after the overhaul.

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You can’t compare how many people use the jungle loop to the major climbs, they are very different courses. Also, France and Innsbrook are only available a few days a month. Whereas Watopia is always available.

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Yeah, I read that. To me it sounds like it will just be less slow. Many of us would just prefer tarmac roads throughout the entire game to make things consistent.

How do you test against the millions of different set ups around the world?

Maybe you are a better test analyst than those I work with, but you can’t predict everything - all the better to phase the rollouts. You just need patience.

There is already an “easy” mode for the big climbs, it’s called “erg mode”. People just spin up the climb totally oblivious to the gradients people around them are dealing with.

You can even get KOMs despite the fact you did not ride or experience any of the gradients. They were just spinning along at whatever their workout intervals were, no need to grind away at 60rpm on the very steep parts or change gears in response to the gradients like the rest have to. When it goes from 9% to 14%, they don’t feel a thing.

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“Starting this fall, Zwifters will be able to scale the difficulty of the Portal climbs they’re tackling. When entering the Climb Portal, Zwifters will be offered the choice to tackle a realistic replica of the climb, as they do today, or scale the climb to 75% or 50% of the original’s elevation.”


My biggest problem with the new expansion is no spawn point near the start. It’s 38km of new road and you have to ride 7km just to get to the start?

I used GPlama’s tip and just kept teleporting to pace partners until I got to one who was near the desert turn-off. Only needed to ride 2km to get onto the new roads.

A turnaround at the Jungle end would have been nice too. Not everyone has bought into the spirit of gravel. You could have had a nice, group ride friendly, flat course doing the Tempus Fugit and Southern Coast roads then.


If you don’t ride the 7km to the start, you won’t get the new route badges. :slight_smile: It’s all part of the enoyable adventure. It’s not just the new roads that are new, large chunks of Watopia got updates as well.

Tempus Fugit looks far different now.

If they’d put spawn points closer to the start of the new roads they’d have made different routes. Mind you, I have absolutely zero interest in collecting route badges either way.

Personally I would prefer if the speeds in general were closer to IRL across the board (so if you post a 100km ride it was roughly the effort/work you would have done in an IRL 100km ride). But, when you’re choosing a route, and making a choice between going on a tarmac or dirt in Zwift I don’t see why I’d pick the slower option that doesn’t really add any other value rather than the color of the road and some dust, so I just avoid it.

I do like the ambiance of the Jungle, but I’d like it just as much if it were paved, so I’d rather it be paved. They can keep the color brown if they want too: Maybe they can put a paved path right beside the dirt path, and anyone who wants to just ride the route slower can jump to the dirt path can have dust and move more slowly, we can see how many people then choose dirt.


Again completely false.

Completely false is a bit of an exaggeration as it’s not false from my own experience. However YMMV.

I maintain 8 Apple devices running Zwift (running either macOS, iPadOS or iOS). 6 were bought within the past 2 years, and they all get the Zwift updates immediately. The remaining 2 are 5+ years old, and always get the Zwift update last. So again, YMMV.

And they are all logged in using the same Apple ID?

I have a PC with a 4th gen I5. How am i getting updates before 12th owners?

Your experience may be correct for you personally but it’s not the actual way the rollout works.

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I’ve just ridden the new roads and can see why you were excited! I think they’re the most beautiful roads on Zwift, and I’ve never felt more relaxed riding on Zwift and watching the world go by! I think they capture the feel of real world riding really well. Well done to all at Zwift. :slight_smile: