Permanent ray of light

Since a while I got a strange „ray of light“ on the road. It stays in the same distance in front of my avatar. Strange enough it doesn’t appear on all surfaces. Does anybody know the reason and a solution? I tried reducing the resolution- but no effect.

Hi @Stephan_Zorn_Athleti welcome to Zwift forums

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m looking through your server logs and see that you’ve cross-checking by logging in from an iPad, iPhone, and a Windows PC.

Which of these devices does this happen on?
Does this happen in all worlds, or certain ones only?

Any chance you have a Windows PC with AMD GPU?

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Hi Shuji, thanks for your quick replay.
It occurs on my windows PC. I‘ll check the GPU later ands mail you.

Viele Grüße

Stephan Zorn

PC with Windows 11 64Bit. But intel GPU (Intel HD Graphics 5500)

Viele Grüße

Stephan Zorn

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today i tried drone view, and the “ray” seems to be a rectangular

maybe that helps in Bug-fixing

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I wonder if it’s related to this recent report from a user on a Mac with Intel graphics

As nobody seems to have a solution , I like to share a new aspect. Yesterday I noticed the „ray“ even on the start and pairing screen

Could you please investigate on this, as it annoys me quite a lot

[quote=“Stephan Zorn [SG A Büdelsdorf], post:5, topic:614209, username:Stephan_Zorn_Athleti”]
Intel HD Graphics 5500

Have you installed latest drivers?

Your GPU is a 9 years old one, nearly minimum required to run Zwift. I don’t believe there is a chance somebody investigates…

Not quite right. The notebook is from 2016, so „only“ 7 years old.
I’m able to run Zwift in Ultra mode with a okay fps, so it shouldn‘t be Minimum requirement.

you won’t be getting ultra without a dedicated graphics card.

are you able to run a log through zwift analyser and share the results?

Who knew Madonna was a Zwift fan? :wink:

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Release date 05.01.2015.
Minimum requirement for Zwift is HD4000 - your HD5500 is about 40% better in benchmarks.

Just for comparison - I use a Nvidia GTX 1650 (low level for gaming!):

Effective speed +1103%…

Sorry, you can’t expect more - the GPU is the problem.

Is anyone actively looking into this? At least for me the issue seems to have gotten more visible with one of the recent releases. What used to be a reddish pixel band further in the distance is now way closer and most of the time yellow.

It also seems the corners of the rectangle drawn by the pixel lines are roughly following the layout of the map and follow along accordingly when changing directions.

Running Zwift on a MacMini with latest Monterey, i7 CPU, 16GB memory and Intel Iris graphics

Seems to logged on this thread.

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