Watopia Expansion [October 2023]

Wish item for next update: put a turnaround at the Jungle end of the new coastal road. Let us avoid the tedium of the Jungle and have another long flattish route to compliment Tempus Fugit. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! :pray:


Hopefully paving it!


Is it just me or did they straight up copy the Super Mario Sunshine Sirena Beach world along the coastline?

On the list of routes, the duration and difficulty ratings provided for many of the new routes are quite optimistic (at least The Big Ring, Accelerate to Elevate and Shorelines and Summits in under 90 mins, Sugar Cookie in under 60, difficulty ratings peaking at 3/5).

Funnily enough, Accelerate to Elevate is apparently an easier and faster way to do the Alpe than Road to Sky (90+ mins, 4.5/5) even though it has over 20 km more road before the climb…


When can we se the segment times in the zc app, for the new roads in watopia.
Whats the point with all those sprint if we can check our times.

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