Was my Stage 3 ride the wrong course?

(Charles Middleton) #42

I started TdZ at 4 PM yesterday and the course zwift put me on was Box hill. After three laps and 32 miles, decided to quit the stage. Thought it was strange to be riding 32 miles and seeing I was took a different turn than the riders slightly ahead of me. No confirmation email for the stage received.

(Spuds Mackay) #43

For me, it’s less about getting the credit than it is getting taken off course and not being able to ride/race with the group. Based on prior forum comments, this is an issue that has been ongoing for quite some time, and you guys still haven’t figured it out! We are paying money for this service, and it doesn’t work as advertised. I want a refund.

(Spuds Mackay) #44

Same issue last night for London. This is ridiculous. It’s an ongoing problem for a lot of people, and I have not seen a single reply or fix from Zwift.

(Tom Coudyzer (TK.be) B) #45

The application crashed 2.8k before the finish, very frustrating. Hope they can credit the ride as well. Submitted also a ticket with the fit file to prove that I rode almost the complete stage.

(Martin Versaille) #46

Hi ! Same here, I got taken off-course after a few km and did Box Hill 3 times… I rode 44km just to make sure I did at least the course lenght but I didn´t get any confirmation email.
I get into the event 8 min before the start and I´m using the Android app, if that helps.

(Diane Brewer) #47

Thanks much! I’m registered for S4 on Friday & will report any further issues.

(Timothy Dawson) #48

Please check mine as well. I completed and it’s also not reflecting.

(Diane Brewer) #49

Thank you! Fingers crossed for S4 on Friday!

(Robert Breu) #50


Please check mine as well. Just finished the 36 km but London is still open at my profile.

(Mark Thorburn) #51

Happened to me on todays 4pm UK ride. Went up Box Hill twice. Rode for 22.7miles and 1752ft of climbing so I think I should get the credit for the Stage.

(Lee Harding (TFC)) #52

Yep happened to me too on the 6pm ride of stage 3. Took a left turn about 3km into the ride. I completed 25km before giving up as it appears I was going round in circles.

Pretty pissed tbh, only been a member a few weeks, not impressed.

(Stephen Macintyre) #53

I was on the 7pm GMT Stage 3 race and was also misrouted up Box Hill and taken to the finish at the end of the London Loop. I carried on to try to complete the distance to get the credit for Stage 3 but slowly everything grounded to a halt and my screen just froze and I has to force close. Managed to retrieve the fit file and upload onto Strava but Ziftpower has me listed along with 42 other riders as DNF. Zwift isn’t logging my ride at all and I dont have a thumbs up for the Stage completion.
Have sent support the fit files and log files to support but waiting to receive a reply. I am running the Android Beta Test App.
Hope this is just a one off.
Cheers Stephen

(Daniel Willems) #54

Same happened to me. Did complete the two stages but failed the 3rd stage two times due to misrouting. Sent me to Bix Hills 3 times in wrong direction.
I want a credit for this ride and one good solution for this buggy game.
Sent already two mails but not granted so far.:triumph:

(Sven De Baets) #55

Hello Vincent,

I had the same problem on the London stage yesterday at 8PM CET. And again today. Tried to get in at 7PM but was unable to. Tried again at 9PM and got sent the wrong way after 100m. Yesterday I did 45km. Could you credit me for this stage please.

Thank you.

(Adam Preston) #56

Also sent the wrong way on the first turn on the 8pm ride

(Jon Keefe) #57

Same happened to me at 6pm GMT tonight. Looked to me like I had been put Stage 8 course, so did the full 2.5 laps to see what would happened. Looked like I had finished at the top of Box hill each time.
Running on the Android here (v32 1.0.32519) and haven’t yet received an email to say that I had completed the Stage.

If you need any further information let me know.

(Milan Rost) #58

Hi, promised one more try Stage 3 at 7pm today and info - here you are:
Updated Android Companion App, switched Zwift from fullscreen to window mode on my PC, new start on PC. Stopped the app on my HTC U11 (yes, really stopped) and started again.
Was at start 30 mins before (do not know, if it can be important - was in the first row, pole position).
And - had no issues, no crash, no lost connection, everything perfect!
The only exception were my legs, but that is another story…

(Lee Harding (TFC)) #59

Yup sounds like what happened to me. Yes I get its just a game, but when you build yourself up ready for a ride and you get re-routed its very disheartening. Serious coding issues going on. I suspect the Zwift servers are running at max IO.

I want a credit too, I dont have time to do it again. NOT HAPPY!!

(John Slater) #60

The same happened to me on the 20.00 Stage 3 event on the Android app on a Samsung S8. I was in the holding pen at the start of the event but it took me left towards Box Hill. Didn’t get a credit email. Could you set that up for me please?

(Daniel Willems) #61

Thx Lee,

I am suspecting too it has to do with the server power however i have the last update version running android. They have to investigate more due their success.