TOW Stage 2 completed but did not count [SOLVED]

Hey there. I’ve just finished TOW Stage 2 Longer ride and saved it. I can see the ride in my activities but it seems I didn’t do it in my profile. Thanks…


Same here.

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Same here. Stage 2 completed, but not credited in the Dashboard (both Companion App and Windows PC).

Ya same problem here.

I just completed Stage 2 Short route twice and neither of them appear to have counted.

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Hello @shooj, any news about that issue? Thanks

I did the shorter route today and it’s not showing as completed. Ride is showing in my activities in the companion app though.

Did the Group C ride, shows in profile but no credit, It dose show in Zwift Power but not In Strava

Same here!

Yeah. Same here.
Did shorter ride first for stage 1 (didn’t have the Sand and Sequoia badge), but longer one today for stage 2. Is that the problem?
Not credited for stage 2 in game app or companion app.

Me too - I just did the Muir and Mountains, shows up as completed on my ‘Feed’ and earned the badge in the same ride, but it hasn’t been ‘ticked off’ the list!

Emailed Zwift support and sent the screen grab of the banner, let’s see what they say!

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Same here…
TOW - Stage 2 shorter ride completed earlier this evening. Shows up in my activities, but not credited as having completed the stage.

Same here. I complete Stage 2 Short but no credit.

Just completed 13:00 event and not credited.

Same here, and I am not doing Radio Mountain again!


Yep. Same here. Completed Stage 2 Short Version. It does show up in Strava and Companion App. But doesn’t say complete in the event menu. First Stage was no Problem…

Same here.

Me too. Got the completion email for stage 2 longer ride. But no credit in the app.

Same here. Shorter ride on stage 1 (completed), longer ride on stage 2 (not completed).

Same. Stage 2 short ride