TOW Stage 2 completed but did not count [SOLVED]

Same, longer ride completed but not acknowledged.

I see that I am not the only one. I did a longer ride this morning, recieved a badge, recieved an email but #2 is not coloured in the companion app. I’m sure they will fix it so ride on!

It is a joke isnt it? Might try to do the shorter ride tomorrow to get the little tick.

At least this is a ride you do not really need to prepare. Imagine wanting to do the Full PRL as organised by zwift insider last mth. 11 laps of Box Hill. Food and water prep and a couple of long rides 2 weeks before to get the body right. Then at the start of the ride, everyone turns right, you go left… what a joke! Are you willing to stay in the saddle for the next 7hrs going the wrong way up Box Hill, and realising you have not obtained the badge? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Same here.

Completed the longer ride - start at 13:00 and added a few extra KMs to round up to 50+ but no credit for the TOW.
I’ll take on the shorter ride tomorrow (mainly for the double XP) but hope Zwift can get this sorted quickly.

Same here. I hope it will be corrected shortly.

Received email that Stage 2 was complete but did not get “credit”.:cherry_blossom:

Same here. :disappointed:

Same here. Carried on riding to cool down for another 20 minutes and then crashed :flushed:

No credit for Stage 2 also.

Same here☹

Same problem also. During the ride got the stage 2 long route time and completion notification, but not in the ToW check boxes in companion app or Zwift start screen…

Same here, I did stage 2 this morning but not registered as completed

Same, don’t fancy doing it again though

Same here: I completed TOW stage 2 A earlier today. It appears in my Activities and I have been Awarded the Muir and the Mountain achievement badge. But the progress tracker for TOW only shows stage 1 as complete. Hopefully there’s a fix on the way, as I don’t fancy doing it again – I try not to climb more than absolutely necessary! :shushing_face:

No credit for me either.

Same here

Same here. Completed Stage 2, short ride earlier today. Received email confirmation it was completed, zwift activity feed shows event completed, but companion app does not have Stage 2 completion bubble filled in.

Same for me

It would be good to have an official response to this Zwift