TOW 2022 Stage 2 uncredited

I did it yesterday, received the XPs, the badge for the rebel route, but no email or credit. I can see it in my activities on my companion app, but tapping on it crashes the app

Windows app (v 1.23.0) crashed for me on the ToW Stage 2 (Cat B ride on the Triple Flat Loops). Looks like it was trying to update on the background and failed to do so, causing the app to crash as a result (I now completely disabled background updates to, hopefully, prevent that from happening again). After several attempts to update and restart the app, I was able to get back to the ride and complete it. However, even though it did sync the ride to Garmin/Strava in the end (except the screenshots, which have been lost and didn’t save to either of those services, nor Zwift), it doesn’t show it as the completed Stage 2 in Zwift itself (even though I did get the route completion badge), which is really frustrating - will this get automatically/retroactively fixed or will I need to complete the ride again (which I simply might not have time to do, which makes this whole issue even more frustrating) to make it count towards ToW progress?

See Tour of Watopia Stage 1 completed but not counted (it’s not only about Stage 1).

Hi @Daniele_Peca and @Kion_K

To get the help you need for this kind of issue, I would strongly suggest that you contact Zwift Support directly. Our support team has the tools and resources that should allow us to assist you.

You can reach us here.