Wahoo Kickr Snap disconnect during ride/workout

Just thought I would pass along my experience with the Kickr Snap and Zwift. I’ve had the Snap since October, and had several Snap disconnects, with those during workouts and events the most frustrating. I’m running Zwift on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and Companion on a Samsung Galaxy S10+. No combination of disable/enable BT, power cycle Snap, force stop Companion, re-pair Snap (always showed “no data”). got things going again.

I developed a routine that I thought eliminated dropouts:

  1. Clear cache/force stop Zwift on tablet
  2. Reboot tablet
  3. Clear cache/force stop companion and Wahoo app on phone
  4. reboot phone
  5. 10 minute workout on Wahoo app to warm up Snap
  6. Spindown calibration in Wahoo app
  7. exit Wahoo app
  8. force stop Wahoo app
  9. Start Companion
  10. Start Zwift
  11. Ride workout/route
  12. Save and Exit Zwift

Still had occasional disconnects but not as frequent, then realized in my enthusiasm when first setting up the Snap I paired my Garmin Edge 820 with the Snap and enabled several Power data displays in my “Trainer” activity profile. Additionally I recalled that sometimes in the middle of an activity the Garmin display acted as if I had long-pressed the 3-sec power average field even though I had not touched the display. It never occurred to me that the Garmin would count as a connected device. I unpaired and deleted the Snap from the Garmin. Two rides later no disconnects, but probably too soon to tell.

I probably should have paid more attention to the “Wahoo trainers work best when paired to only one app and device.” advice on the Wahoo Troubleshooting website.

Has anyone had same experience with Tablet/Zwift via BT and Garmin Edge via ANT combo causing disconnect?

Seem to see posts mentioning this type of conflict every month or two (not frequently). Whilst Ant+ and BT should be able to co-exist, something stops them playing nicely with some users. Here’s a recent post without a clear resolution, for example: