My first ride, Dec 30th 2014. One disconnect but everything fine after.

Thanks for the opportunity to allow me to test the product, I’m really excited!

My Setup:
Self built computer, Intel Core i3 - 8GB Memory - 128GB SSD Hard Drive, Windows 7
Wahoo Kickr with Wahoo Cadence and Wahoo Hear rate sensor.
I am using the Garmin ANT+ USB dongle.

Installation was smooth, no real issues aside from the “time remaining” that displayed a crazy value (in the 60,000).

Scanning for devices was quick, it found my Kickr, my cadence and heart rate sensors without issues.

I rode for the first time this morning, completing 3 laps. After about 2 minutes in my first lap, the kickr disconnected, and came back about 30 seconds later. No other disconnect throughout the ride.

I like the layout of the interface/on screen display, everything is clear and easy to see.

For this ride, I was also using the mobile app, and it worked as expected. I was able to change camera angles (although I believe it doesn’t give access to all angles as with keys 1-9??). I was able to easily see my metrics on the app, and I stopped my ride using the “done riding” (or whatever it says) button on the app. Seems to have worked without a hitch.

Overall, I am really impressed with the product. It is clear I will need to invest in a better graphics card though, as the course is a bit jerky in some places, and it is a bit distracting.

Keep it up!

Another ride today, and again lost power a minute or so after starting. Came back after about 30 seconds and was fine for the rest of the ride… Odd