Wahoo Headwind causing Kickr Disconnection mid-ride

First off thanks for any help!!

I’ve got a Kickr V5, and a Headwind, along with a Tickr all setup with my iPhone via Zwift companion app. While all three typically work flawlessly at all times (and also on my non-Zwift rides when paired w/ my Element Roam), I have noticed a gnarly bug when using the Wahoo App to adjust the headwind speed manually in ride. Usually all is OK but half of the time I use the app to manually change the fan speed it somehow kills my Kickr connection and it is quite hard to get it back with Zwift.

When this happens, I’m still able to see te kickr in the Wahoo(it tracks RPM and see’s the connection) but something goes wrong with the connection to Zwift and I get the 0 RPM/Power readout until I unplug everything and plug it back in (obviously not fun mid-ride).

Firmware/apps are all up to date.

any tips or help are greatly appreciated !!