Zwift knocks out Wahoo sensors in utility app

Having a recurring issue when trying to use Zwift in conjunction with Wahoo utility app. Basically, if I open up the Wahoo app first, it picks up all my sensors (Kickr, Cadence, HR and Headwind) fine. All good so far. But if I then open Zwift, once it gets to the pairing screen it knocks out all the sensors from the app and the only one I can see left in the app is the Headwind. Not a massive problem as everything still works ok within Zwift, except that I can’t set my Headwind to work on heart rate as this sensor is no longer connected to the Wahoo app. I then have to switch to manual option in the Wahoo app and alter the Headwind manually, which is a bit of a pain to keep having to do. I’m running the Bluetooth connection option on Zwift.

If the Wahoo utility app is on your phone and connecting to everything via Bluetooth, you cannot simultaneously run Zwift and connect everything via Bluetooth as well. It does not matter if Zwift is running on the phone or another device. The Bluetooth connections are 1 to 1, hence your devices/sensors getting dropped and/or not connected.

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Thanks - I figured it was a Bluetooth issue. So any idea how is it possible to get my Headwind to work on the heart rate setting while I am on Zwift then? Should I try to pair my sensors on Zwift via the companion app rather than by Bluetooth?

After reading your initial post again, I am a bit confused. What are you running Zwift on (e.g., laptop, Apple TV, iPhone, Android phone, etc…)

My understanding is that the Headwind only pairs via ANT+ to HRM, trainer, etc… As such, it should continue to work just fine assuming the HRM is paired to your Headwind and saved as such in the Wahoo utility app. Do you have an ANT+ HRM? Which HRM do you have? Are you sure that you have the Headwind in HRM mode vs speed sensor mode?

Zwift runs on my Dell laptop. I have a Wahoo HRM strap. When all sensors are picked up in the Wahoo app, the Headwind works properly in HR mode. But once the HRM strap is picked up by Zwift, it drops off the list of picked up sensors in the Wahoo app and no longer controls the Headwind. I’ll have to check if the HRM is paired to the Headwind and saved as such later on when back home. From memory though, I didn’t think you needed to pair it to the Headwind via the app - as long as the app picks up a HRM then it uses this to control the Headwind automatically?

To pair directly with a Heart Rate sensor, press the left button again to select HR and enter Heart Rate mode.

Granted the Wahoo instructions are the best source, but DCR mentions direct pairing as well:

I know that this is a year-old thread but it describes exactly the problem that I also have. And clicking on the links above didn’t really help me find a solution. The issue is still that when I am running Zwift on my MacBook, the sensors coupled through the iPhone Zwift Companion, the headwind no longer has an HR connection. I assume that is monopolized by the Zwift app. But what is the solution?