Wahoo Kickr Headwind + Apple Watch as HR Sensor

Hi all,

I use my Apple Watch as HR Sensor and it’s as well recognized in Zwift. What is unfortunatly not working until now is the fan speed adjustement on the Headwind if this is set to HR mode instead of speed. Seems like there is no data exchange between my heartrate in Zwift and the Headwind.

Is there a way to make it work in this setup or do I need to connect the Headwind staight to an ANT+ HR sensors?


You can’t and it’s nothing to do with Zwift or rather its not a bug. This is solely functionality between Wahoo and Apple.

Wahoo Headwind pairs via bluetooth to the Wahoo app on iPhone, iPad etc. but not directly to Apple Watch via bluetooth.

Headwind will pair directly to ANT+ devices such as Wahoo’s own HRMs.

So you either need Apple Watch to support ANT+ or an ANT+ HRM.

I bought a Wahoo TICKR Fit HRM and can confirm it works great with headwind and Zwift. Despite my reservations the TICKR Fit is unobtrusive on the arm and, unlike a chest HRM, I don’t notice wearing it at all. It’s very good.

More reliable than my Apple Watch too as I tend to wear that a little loose and would frequently get HR drop outs. TICKR FIT has performed flawlessly.

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Thanks Kieron!

That’s unfortunate but good to know :slight_smile: Might go for your solution as well then.