No signal from heartratemonitor


  • Wahoo Kickr smart trainer
  • Windows 11
  • heart rate monitor Garmin

Outside of Zwift, the heart rate monitor works perfectly.
The Wahoo Headwind responds to the heart rate monitor.

The heart rate monitor is found in Zwift, so there is a connection.
However, the screen shows “no signal”
This problem started in the last month.
Tried to connect to the heart rate monitor via “Direct Connect” and the App but this gives the same problems.
Occasionally it works, but most of the time it doesn’t. Very frustrating!

Anyone any idea how to solve this?

Which exact model of Garmin HR monitor is it?
Does its manual contain any information about pairing/connecting with multiple devices at once?
Are you trying to pair to Zwift using Bluetooth or ANT+?

From your description, my first reaction is that the HR monitor signal is already being picked up by another device that you have paired it to (the Headwind or the Direct Connect app). Since some (most?) devices are only able to transmit to one other device at the same time, it might be necessary to shut off the Direct Connect app and to not switch on the Headwind before making sure that the HR monitor is getting a signal to Zwift.
To isolate the issue, I’d suggest going through the various switch-on/start scenarios with your devices in order to find a reliable sequence through which you always get a good signal to Zwift.

I use a Garmin-Hrm Dual.
Pairing with multiple devices has never been a problem.

The first months that I used Zwift I already had the Garmin in combination with the Headwind and this gave no problems.
There was always a regastration of the heart rate.
I think this problem started after using Direct Connect.
However, after disconnecting the cables, so everything via bluetooth, the problem remains.

Sometimes I see a heartbeat, but when I go to a workout, the connection with the heart rate monitor disappears.

ANT+ is broadcast - any number of devices can pick it up.

Bluetooth can only have one connection. Possibly, another devices is alreay connected?

(I also sometimes use HRM-Dual…)

I recently had a problem with my Garmin HRM strap not working on Zwift or my Wahoo ELEMNT computer. In my case - I also have a Wahoo arm strap HRM and a Lazer helmet HRM. All of them were paired to both the computer and to Zwift.

What worked for me is forgetting all three HRM’s in my Wahoo computer, as well as in Zwift. Then I re-paired my Garmin HRM since that’s my main heart rate monitor.

In Windows / Mac, you can reset your known devices by deleting a file in your Documents folder called knowndevices.xml. Would you log in, pair to your things again, and see if that solves it for you?

Thanks for your comment,
I’ve already tried the tips you mention.

Looked up an old Garmin HRM and it works without any problems…
When I pair the HRM with my Garmin Fenix, I see a different ID than when I pair the HRM with Zwift!?
Does that seem to be the problem? And why is that so?

The question remains, why doesn’t it work in Zwift and does ik work with all other devices?

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I have the same problem. HR strap is connected on zwift but does not show BPM

I change batteries
I check that HR strap is working on other devices. So it works
I use HR strap dual band (yellow) from Garmin.
It is happening the same with my polar strap.

Both straps worked very well before with zwift.

Any solutions? I believe it’s some kind of software update bug.