ZWIFT + Garmin EDGE 1030, Bluetooth issues?


I have my Tacx connected to Zwift via Apple TV (Bluetooth). The set up has worked fine. Just purchased a Garmin Edge 1030. I would like my workouts logged here so that I can have stats on Training Effect (as I understand this is possible, just have to adjust the distance og climb in Garmin Connect after). I connect my Tacx to the Edge via Ant+. When I start using ERG-mode the ERG falls in and out, like the Apple TV looses the Bluetooth Signal. I would think it would not be a problem since Tacx sends on Bluetooth to Apple TV and Ant+ to the Edge.

Does anybody have a solution for this:-)?

Most, Trainers don’t like to do both Bluetooth and ANT+ at the same time.

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@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ - do you have any citations documenting that?

How would a Garmin radio receiving ANT+ interfere with the Apple TV receiving and sending Bluetooth? Isn’t the Tacx always broadcasting ANT+, whether or not anything is receiving it? How would a device passively receiving the ANT+ signal interfere with a Bluetooth signal?

My only thought is to look to confirm that the 1030 is not sending ANT+ commands to control the Tacx, that is, that the 1030 is not set to try to control erg mode on the Tacx. My second only thought is to see if Garmin support can advise – they’re behind both the Edge and the Tacx.

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I don’t have documentation just a lot of testing and helping people.

I think what happen is the the garmin send something that try to control the trainer. If everything is on ANT+ then there is no such issue. But something happen when you use both Bluetooth and ANT+.

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It’s quite common for people who use Zwift and another program at the same time. I’ve used Zwift with Rouvy without problem in the past (last year), and TrainerRoad yesterday.

However, today I experienced a similar problem. I was using TrainerRoad (paired as controlling the trainer) and Zwift (paired just for power) at the same time, and after about 20 minutes Zwift lost all paired devices. That included HR which is nothing to do with my trainer of course. Searching/reconnecting didn’t work. TR carried on quite happily, as did my Garmin head unit so I suspect a Zwift issue.

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Thanks for the replies! Does anybody know how I can check if the Edge 1030 is sending to Tacx?

Is there any way to make the Edge 1030 just receive and not send data?