Wahoo Kickr Bluetooth pairing disconnects into a ride

Recently I’ve had issues where my Bluetooth pairing disconnects partway into a ride. Sometimes it can happen a couple of times in an hour.

My Avatar will stop. Wattage will go down to 0 and then after 30 seconds to 2 mins it reconnects.

Today, the pairing didn’t come back and I had to stop and start Zwift.

Open to suggestions… Not a big deal except when you’re riding with a group and your person stops but you’re still pedaling…

Thanks in Advance.


Hi make sure you have no other Bluetooth devices on at the same time as this effects the trainer, esp if listening to music

Thanks @Paul_Ryan5054 for the feedback. I have Bluetooth headphones I use with my iphone to listen to Spotify. I’m also using my phone with the Companion App. Will try with wired headphones.

Lots of things can interfere, try changing your wifi channel on the router to 1, 3 or 6, if you have a fan close by move it further away, don’t use a microwave while on Zwift, fluorescent lights, etc…

Hi Mike. Did you solve the problem? please tellme how.

Yes. I’m good. Looked at some discussions online as well.