Two Zwift Accounts, Two Wahoo Devices, One Room: Problem

We recently added a new bike and Wahoo Kickr Snap to our paincave (for the wife). The problem is that the Zwift resistance controls and power readings are jumping from device to device.

My setup:
Windows 10 PC with ANT & Bluetooth
Garmin ANT Cadence
Garmin ANT Heart Rate
Wahoo Kickr
Wahoo Kickr Climb

Wife’s setup:
Andriod Phone with ANT and Bluetooth
Garmin ANT Heart Rate
Wahoo Kickr Snap

My setup was rock solid before her addition - and works flawlessly if her equipment is powered off. And the same is true for her experience - it’s flawless if my equipment is powered off. The problem is that we want to ride together, and can’t as the control jumps back and forth between the devices and equipment.

We have tried to use only ANT for all devices, and have turned off Bluetooth. That didn’t work. I was 3 minutes into a workout and the power was supposed to go to 600W. My Kickr didn’t change, but hers did!

We also tried to turn off ANT and just test with Bluetooth. Same problem. At random intervals, control jumps between the devices.

Then we tested with her on Bluetooth and me on ANT. Same issue.

Has anyone else seen this happen? And how did you fix it?

Right now we’re just riding separately, but that’s not as fun.

I can’t offer any advice but i want to follow this thread as adding a second trainer is something my wife and I would like to do in the next few months… watching & waiting…

Interesting. Can you post a capture of your’s & her’s device pairing screen (after such event as you describe happens…)


I recently added a second kickr core to our ‘pain cave’, and initially it was a pain in the backside to get everything connected and work out whose heart rate, trainer etc was whose… but since the latest firmware update (of the kickr cores), its run flawlessly. And thankfully we have never had power swap between units mid ride.

we are both running kickr core’s via apple tv, with wahoo heart rate straps.

i’m sure this doesn’t really help you much tho!

Great idea to ensure the firmware is up to date. I’ll do that now, and do the screenshots suggested earlier.

Another thing we didn’t try was to use two laptops, or two Android devices, and see what happens. Perhaps I can try that as well.

Have you ever connected to the Kickr Snap from your PC, or to the other Kickr from the Android phone? If so, then Zwift will have it in the known devices list and might be getting confused as it is seeing both.
If not, then I have no idea.

@Steven - Yes. The Snap was mine before the Kickr+Climb. Any idea how I can remove that from my PC’s list of devices?

@Mat - All Firmwares were up to date already, but helpful to check.

@B_CN We just did a test and screenshot the setup.
But this time it worked… My PC didn’t start reading or controlling her Snap… I’m starting to think @Steven’s idea might be it…

The setup that worked was to leave Bluetooth off for the PC (ANT only), and to use both BT and ANT from the Android. And it appeared to work in our 5 minute test (it would fail in under 5 min before)

My wife already road today, so we’ll try together on Saturday.

On your PC, go to Documents/Zwift and find the file called “knowndevices.xml”
Make a backup of this file just to be safe (save it to your desktop or something)
Open the file in a text editor (Notepad), and in this file you will see a list of devices and IDs. My advice (unless you know exactly which device it is) is to delete all the rows (except for the start and end tags <DEVICES> and </DEVICES> per my image) and save the file. Then start Zwift and pair it all again

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@StevenGilbert - I found the file and removed the entire thing. Then I went to the prefs.xml file and removed the Devices as you showed (I was going to delete the entire thing, but didn’t want to lose my other prefs).

Anyway, Zwift must hide these in other places as well as they were remembered…

But I unpaired all and just repaired what I needed.

And subsequently - thanks to your suggestion - found that Windows had previously found and paired BT to the Kickr Snap. I think that had a lot to do with it as well. So, for those following along - that’s another place to look.

We’re going to give this another try on Saturday and will hopefully close out the issue.

prefs.xml is a different file that stores your in-game preference settings

knowndevices.xml is the file that remembers the sensors and trainers. This is the one you want to delete to re-bond all the sensors from scratch.

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