Wahoo Kickr Direct Connect

Come on Zwift!!! I can’t believe this hasn’t been integrated yet. I am having enormous trouble racing consistently with all the dropouts and connection issues. And a direct connection for the trainer is a no-brainer to fix some of these issues.


Still waiting…


Come one, give us an early Christmas present and fix the issue. My ride stopped at a connection failure today. Please also Zwift communicate with your paying customers.


In the meantime qdomyos-zwift (QZ) is already ready for Dircon, thanks to p3g4asus!

I am interested in using dircon with zwift, i looked at your google play site and could not find any reference to kicker v5 dircon? not a facebook user, could you please provide documentation.
thank you

join the QZ github project :slight_smile:

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Could you explain a little more?

QZ is an app cross platform (ios, android, raspberry, pc and mac) that allows to bridge native bluetooth protocol (for example spin bikes, treadmills, trainer, rowers and ellipticals) to FTMS bluetooth for zwift and other app.

Recently we also added DIRCON protocol in order to bypass most of the bluetooth issue that you can have during a race (wifi/ethernet is way more stable than bluetooth).

If you need more info, join the QZ community on FB or github. Zwift admin usually removes this kind of post here :frowning:


How does the App work with KICKR Direct Connect. And how do you set it up? Could you explain this in the App Store?

Actually we implemented the opposite. Example:
Echelon spinbike

With the echelon bike and QZ app you can trasmit your metrics over DIRCON to the 3rd party app (for example WAHOO SYSTM).
Of course you can do this for all the QZ supported device

I guess, instead, you were talking about Wahoo Kickr Direct Connect into QZ (so DIRCON master). We didn’t developed yet, since we didn’t receive any request about this.

Will you be interested on this?


I would just like my KICKR Direct Connect RJ-45-Adapter to connect via LAN to Zwift.

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that’s not possible yet, because ZWIFT has to implement DIRCON :slight_smile:
it’s not releated to QZ :slight_smile:

umm…really Zwift? Its been a year since the dongle was released so i just assumed it was supported by now.

I emailed Zwift and asked about a timeline/ETA. They said there is no timeline for support of this feature.

/reboxes newly purchased dongle
/stares at newly run cat6 wire near trainer


It’s beyond frustrating to those of us looking to solve connection issues. To be frank the fact that Zwift can’t implement something that Rouvy, Fulgaz, bKool, RGT Cycling and Veloreality have had from the start is a little embarrassing.
It seems like Zwift is too concerned with making TV ads than meeting the needs of their existing client base. The constant problems with ZwiftPower makes me wonder what on Earth is going on at Zwift, they’re in danger of losing high-end racing to another platform if they’re not careful. Especially as other platforms have started making overtures of moving in that direction.


Especially as some other platforms provide a more interesting racing dynamic.

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I’ve been using a bkool pro trainer for 2 years now, and after reading great things about direct drive trainers I set my heart on a kickr v5 but this thread is really discouraging as I would want to race on zwift.
If I get a kickr will probably cancel my subscription to zwift which is a shame


vote up this thread, and get anyone you know to vote it up too! Thats the only way Zwift may listen.


Any updates on this?

I know that I live in sort of a nightmare scenario with regards to 2.4GHz signal being in a city apartment with literally 13 other 2.4GHz networks besides mine, but I had 126 ANT+ disconnections today during TdZ (~17% fail rate), and it just makes me want to throw something / quit the ride when it happens.

For what it’s worth the ANT+ receiver is literally 3 feet away from my trainer.


Try putting it closer, via a USB extension cable.


I’m going to try going back to Bluetooth first, this is already with an extension cable and I’m a little wary about extending it further.

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