Wahoo Kickr Direct Connect

Please can you get this working or update the community as when it is likely/not likely to happen? Thanks

Please get the Wahoo KICKR Direct Connect // KICKR Network Connection WORKING SOON!


If zwift can take data from companion app via. WiFi, why can it not take the data directly from the trainer.

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For marketing reasons :wink:


It’s a pity, that we have no integration for direct connect until now.
Manye connection issue and many frustrations, but the solution is on my desk… without functionality


I really hope that is not the actual reason… Wahoo is a pretty strong partner with Zwift, so it would seem like a real kick in the backside if Zwift was withholding the implementation.


Would also highly appreciate such a implementation.
Even Ant+ is now pretty unreliable.

If this would be implemented, I’d order Dircon and a Kickrv5 asap.


I don’t need further more roads… a reliable connection would be a good and necessary updare. …

I can’t understand this ignoring behaviour


Any news about the implementation of dircon? I got a lots of cadence spike with ble and ant+


kind of comical, no sad really, since the other platforms took no time at all to implement it.


I was about to upgrade to a Kickr V5 + Dircon, but found it wasn’t implemented by Zwift yet… :roll_eyes:


So it looks like implementation has started! Apple devices first but surely that means a PC update is just around the corner! :slight_smile:


Great News! Just rollout on QZ!

… and Android too.

Great news if Zwift finally is getting its act together. Out of interest, would be nice to hear more about the support that others have received on this - can anyone top my Zwift “tier three support”. I found it almost amusing how, after several emails about the connection failures (and solution that many reading this threat will know), I was always “elevated”. But now it seems that the support via email is dead, so no “tier 4” for me. But hopefully Direct Connect!

Android is not working (Android 11 + 12 at least not). Also PC version is still not there yet - hope it comes soon.

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Android and Windows are now working!! :slight_smile: Finally!

This is such good news! Going to test it out today, hopefully an end to connection problems for all :relaxed:

Thank you Zwift :trophy:

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