Vector 3s not connected to Zwift (not even recognized)

Did you try changing the batteries?

Only in one pedal so far because that’s all I had to hand.

I have actually ordered (free of charge from Garmin) a pair of new battery doors as there was a known issue with the original ones, so who knows this might solve everything… Failing that, can the pedals be sent away for repair to Garmin?

Hey! I’m running Zwift on my PC with Win10, Ant+ usb stick and garmin vector 3s. My HRM connects fine via Ant+, but the vector does not pop up in Zwift. They do connect fine via Ant+ to Sufferfest, however.

Consider this a +1 to the “PC+Zwift+Vector 3+Ant+” - problem…

@alessusnik There are a handful of us with the problem. I have tried reaching out to Zwift and to Garmin several times last year. Neither party wants to take responsibility for the problem. The Vector 3s will connect to my phone via bluetooth, but they will not connect to Zwift on my computer. I would like to find another app that can recognize ANT+ accessories to do a test. If that app will not connect to the Vectors I’ll assume that it is a Garmin problem. If they do connect I’ll assume that it is a Zwift problem.
I normally ride on my Neo, but I would like to ride on my rollers from time to time. That hasn’t been possible since the Vectors aren’t found. I’ve tried two different dongles, and I’ve placed them just a few centimeters from my Vectors. There is no log for me to show you because they are never found.
I do enjoy your racing videos. I’ve even raced against you once or twice, but you destroyed me.


Vector 3S sucks

Same problem here.

Vector 3 works fine with fēnix 5X and Forerunner 920XT via ANT. However, Zwift only picks up the pedals via Bluetooth and fails to recognize them via ANT. Everything else works fine (via ANT) in Zwift: cadence sensor, heart rate monitor, and Tacx trainer.

I tried with two different ANT dongles, even with the extension cable to right underneath my pedals. I also tried with two different computers, both MacBooks. One Pro and one Air. No joy.

And same as what @Oldsport said, there is no log since Zwift cannot even see the pedals with ANT.