Vector 3s not connected to Zwift (not even recognized)


(Bruno Pelletier) #21

Ales, the upload of txt file is not authorized… how can I proceed ?

(Ales Susnik [VISION] (B)) #22

Put it on a dropbox or onedrive and share thet link?

(Chris) #23

+1. I’ve been working with Zwift support on same issue but no resolution.

I’m using Microsoft Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 with Garmin Ant+ USB dongle, Garmin Vector 3 (dual). Dongle appears to be fine as other Ant+ sensors can connect (Garmin 935 HR broadcast, Wahoo Kickr), and other cycling apps (e.g. Rouvy) on same machine and same Ant+ dongle can connect my Vector 3 pedals.

Initially, I contacted Garmin support and they found no issues with my pedals, but they shipped me a new Ant+ USB dongle just in case – no changes.

I’ve tried replacing Vector batteries, reinstalling Ant+ drivers, powered down all devices connecting to my pedals except for the PC running Zwift, deleted Zwift XMLs (knowndevices.xml and prefs.xml) for “fresh pairing”, fresh install of Zwift on another PC. Nothing worked.

(Huwelfedus) #24

If you’ve got Garmin Connect on your phone and the Vectors paired the app, it’ll be connected to that, making them invisible to Zwift.

(Ales Susnik [VISION] (B)) #25

not really, ANT+ should still be working, as ANT+ supports more than 1 connection

(Huwelfedus) #26

My bad, thought it was Bluetooth