Uploading to Strava not working (March 27 2020)

Is it done? I have the same issue, I use a windows 10 laptop and my activities doesn’t sync with strava and garmi. HELP please!


Same here. Ride shows as complete in Companion app, no strava upload.


I have the same problem right now. Ride is saved in Zwift Companion App but no sync with Garmin nor with Strava!

Are you working on that?

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I had one ride upload from Zwift to Strava, but nothing since. I have reconnected the two apps three times, and no luck.

I found this error occurred yesterday- completed the Zwift Feb Gran Fondo. Ride appears in Companion app but no upload to Strava or Training Peaks from my ATV. Fit file shows as stuck in progress - I got an email from Zwift today saying congrats on completing the fondo today, so the file is stuck somewhere. Any suggestions? Manual upload of file does not work

Doh, my entire last week didn’t upload. Good thing I saw this thread and checked. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I will just enter some nice round numbers, now, to round up or down from my memory, that is the question!

I have the same issue, 3 days ago everything worked. Do I do something wrong or are more people experiencing the same issue?

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Try disconnecting and re connecting to strava.

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Are people still experiencing this issue?

Yes I think this weeks update has caused this issue again . (Might be better to start a new thread however as this one is old and was marked solved some time ago .)