No upload

Hello all, I finished a ride tonight and although it says in the companion app I finished the ride some time ago when I click on it i get a pop up saying it’s still in progress and it hasn’t uploaded onto strava. Anyone else having upload issues

Hi, I have the same problem. It happened two days ago, but then it uploaded to both Companion and Strava (after an hour later). Today it hasn’t uploaded even after more than 10 hours and if I tried to manually upload the fit file to Strava, it responded as malformed. And I can’t see it even on Zwift website… After that I rode again (it was a one-hour ride, the first today was only 30 minutes) and everything is fine both on Zwift and Strava. Few hours later the same issue had a second account in our family using same Apple TV, Wi-Fi and trainer

Cheers for the reply I’ll see if it uploads later, it might be due to the amount of users on it :+1: