Zwift and Strava not syncing


Zwift is not uploading to strava ( again!!!) I’ve tried to connect the account through zwift companion, I can go right through the process, log in to strava etc, allow access, then back to companion and no verified connection. I’ve deleted the companion app and re-installed it, but no success!
Also, why is zwift so glitchy on training rides? Its really annoying grrrrrr

After spending 40 min trying to get it to connect via Bluetooth AppleTV (if you miss the permissions dialog you don’t get another chance) I finally got my height and weight in - though the AppleTV UI was dysfunctional so I had to use the companion and restart the app - and finally did a ride, which I enjoyed. Now I want to send the ride to Strava and more bugs. I connect to Strava with the companion app but no verified connection. I repeated the process ten times. I’m sad as Rouvy raised its price I thought this may be cool- and it is a bit neater (though less routes). But the glitches are killing me.

I should add that none of the Zwift howtos are up to date re Strava.

Same here - getting the fit file “stuck in progress” error. Ride from yesterday not uploading to Strava from ATV, etc, but showing in Companion app.

Ok, I solved this issue, I deleted everything, reinstalled everything, then went on to my zwift account online ( on laptop) tap profile, settings etc etc to find connections, connected account with zwift, saved. Returned to zwift companion and lo and behold, the connection was validated with the green tick! Its seems that you cannot do this through the companion or zwift app, it has to be the main website account which accepts the changes and then migrates them all to the app versions. I’m on later so will come back to confirm the updates are syncing with strava…wish me luck!! LOL

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Two of us in my team have had spontaneous Strava “un-connections”. Reconnecting via the web interface worked.

Good stuff! Mine is all sorted now :+1::+1:
However, zwift replied with this:

You’ll typically see a partial ride if you get disconnected from the Internet during a ride or crash, as Zwift can’t upload your .fit file in either of these cases.

While I’d like to credit your account for the missing progress, I won’t be able to do so due to technical limitations. I understand that this isn’t what you were hoping to hear, but you can still upload your ride or run to any third-party fitness site (e.g., Strava) if you’d like.

The .fit files that contain your ride and run information—save to your local device every 10 minutes.

**Links deleted as can’t upload with them in place

Hope it helps :+1:

Old thread, but this just happened again; iOS 15.5, Zwift Companion version 3.36.0 (1253). Syncs from Zwift to Strava (and onward to Apple Health) worked fine yesterday and have done for months (years?) prior. Those same syncs simply didn’t happen today. Have NOT done any app or iOS updates in the last 24 hours that would have caused a change in settings.

Poked around in Companion > Connections and Zwift’s setting to connect to Strava was turned off (unchecked). Oddly, looking at settings in Strava they showed there was still a connection to Zwift… Anyway had to manually upload some activities to Strava (which are still making their round-trip from Strava to Apple’s Health rings… that’s a whole 'nother ordeal).

I’m currently having same issue, i purchased a new wattbike connected everything up went for a ride and saved it on zwift but it didn’t show on my strava. All the permissions are set in zwift, zwift companion, strava and garmin so i have no idea what’s going on, its so frustrating. I also have same message saying in progress

Is it going to Garmin? EDIT: do you synch from Strava to Garmin or Zwift to Garmin?

Have you tried disconnecting your Strava account and reconnecting?

If you grab the fit file from your activity and try to manually upload it to Strava, does it work?

It would be odd that a new smart trainer (bike in your case) to cause an issue unless you have some data issues (I swapped from my Kickr to a Neo this past weekend and just plugged it, paired everything up and everything synchs as usual).

Is there not a delay in sycn’ing with 3rd parties due to the outage earlier as per @shooj post in the other thread?

I did see thread but no indication of really how long this would be for?? Just checked and none of friends have posted Zwift rides which is odd so maybe this is the root cause?

I’ve been a member with zwift and strava for years and never had any issues until now.

Continuing the discussion from Planned maintenance and outage [October 23 / 24]:

Probably that issue

Thanks guy’s, hopefully everything will sync at some point but failing that i don’t know what else to do.

You posted this thread 13 hours ago which was well before the planned outage…

That ride should have gone through fairly much immediately - is this still missing or one that you finished during the outage window?

I’ve done some more test rides but still nothing coming through, it’s completely bizarre.

Your tests rides need to be more than 5km to be safe.

I’ve removed all my connections from zwift and re-connected them and still nothing coming through.
that’s about as much as i can do , all the connections are fine and wattbike is connected perfectly.

Hi @Rob_Taylor_1st_Chard

I don’t see any rides on your profile since April 20th 2022.