Ride will upload to Garmin Connect but not Strava

I have the most annoying type of bug - one where everything worked fine once, but no longer.

I’ve got Zwift connected to Garmin and Strava. For my FTP test, Zwift uploaded to both fine. For every subsequent ride, Zwift will upload to Garmin, but not Strava.

I know I can manually add the ride to Strava, but what’s preventing the automatic upload?

FYI, full Mac OS / iOS environment.

Does the screen at the end of the ride show that it will be uploaded to both, or is only Garmin Connect highlighted? Perhaps you need to re-connect to Strava.

The screen at the end of the ride does have Strava highlighted (I reconfirmed before replying). I have disconnected and reconnected to Strave a few times now, but it doesn’t seem to change anything.

I’m having the exact same issue. Last two rides showed up in Companion and in Garmin Connect…but won’t upload to Strava. It’s not a Garmin-Strava connection problem because other activities (e.g., runs) are showing up in Strava just fine.

I thought it might be an issue with Zwift thinking there’s still an in progress activity…since the first file in the Fit file list is “inprogressactivity.fit” even though I don’t have any in progress activities going on.

Spent some time with a Zwift Ambassador who was at a loss. Have emailed Zwift support…but curious whether you were able to sort out the issue?

I didn’t do anything, and a few days after I last posted, the issue fixed itself.

Zwift & Strava have some weird idiosyncrasies. Like, ‘start the Companion App before you launch the Main’ or they don’t pair

OK…will cross my fingers that it sorts itself out. Three years of Zwifting and this is the first time I’ve had this issue.