Garmin Connect and Strava?

My rides are not uploading to both Garmin Connect and Strava. If I unpair one it will upload to the other but not both when both are connected. Usually GC will upload to Strava but it doesn’t seem to want to do that with Zwift rides. So I have to go to my PC, download the Garmin file and manually add it. Is this a bug?

Also, am I misremembering that there used to be an “upload to” button when you look at your rides on PC?

There is an entire thread on this elsewhere on the Forum. You may want to search for that to see if there is a solution. I think most have just had to reconnect to their Garmin account.

Like I said, I’ve connected and reconnected both. But when both are connected it only goes to Strava.

And you’ve reconnected from the Garmin side, also?